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Product Demonstration Day

Every couple months we organize a sales presentation, product demonstration with our partner distributors of American Wood Oil. We discuss the advantages, explain the different application methods, and go over the most important issues of preparing the wood. In this video we are showing transparent Gold and our pre-mixed ready to use NYC colors. Together with our distributors we are building awareness around our brand by demonstrations and exhibitions. Inviting professional, installers, shop owners, wholesalers, interior architects,…to our different events.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor or want to take part in our work shops, don’t hesitate to contact us.[/one_half]

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Transparent Gold

Transparent Gold is a tung oil with great characteristics. It’s an very easy to use product. Transparent Gold can be used as a primer (before lacquering) or in multi coats (2 for satin and 3 for gloss) as a very durable finish. We recommend application by paintbrush, lambswool applicator or polishing machine. Tung Oil penetrates deep into the wood pores and brings out the natural wood structure. Tung oil is known for its great water-repellent qualities and its excellent protection against all household products such as wine, coffee, ketchup, …

Please advice our Technical Data Sheet or MSDS Sheet for more information.[/one_half]

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Industrial Application

American Wood Oil can be used on every industrial oiling machine. (big or small). We offer over 14 standard pre-mixed Hardwax Oil colors in 10l or 20l cans. All of them are oxidized oil, meaning that the oil has to be dried by air and not UV. This will result in a more natural and exclusive appearance. The most common application method is a roller and 2 buffing machines, but this depends on the different type and brand of the oiling machine.

We have great products for industrial use, for more information please contact us.
We will arrange an appointment and schedule a factory visit.[/one_half]