[toggle title=”1. Why Choose American Wood Oil?”]American Oil offers premium wood care products with a wide range of possibilities.
All our products are compatible with each other, therefore it’s possible to combine our Tung Oil products with our laquer or Hardwax finishes. American Wood Oil has also proven to offer a very strong protection for your wooden floor, which results in very little and easy maintenance. To make the best decision and inform you on the easy steps of application please check our home page link : finishing systems.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”2. Why Choose Tung Oil?”]Tung Oil provides a rich, hand-rubbed patina that enhances a wood’s grain and brings out its inherent beauty. It penetrates deeper into the wood, seals wood fibres beneath the surface , because the molecules are smaller. Our 100 year old formula based on Tung oil makes the wood water repellent and gives the strongest protection against household products (such as ketchup, wine, mustard,…).[/toggle]

[toggle title=”3. How to apply American Wood Oil products?”]Please check the technical data sheet for every product. The data sheets are listed on our website footer menu, and on every product page. You can also look at the media page for application video’s. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us[/toggle]

[toggle title=”4. What are rainbow color pigments?”]Our rainbow color pigments are special designed liquid pasta stains which are compatible with our oils and waxes. You can add 1 to maximum 4 color pigments into 1 US gallon (3,785l). It’s possible to mix and match all the rainbow color pigments with each other to create unlimited colors. The rainbow pigments should only be used with the interior products. (Transparent Gold, Warm Grey, Supergreen+ or Hardwax Oil)[/toggle]

[toggle title=”5. Which Finish should I choose?”]Regardless of the desired finish for your project, we strongly recommend that you begin your project with our Transparent Gold. This product allows you to seal the wood and acts as a  base coat. You can tint Transparent Gold by adding color pigments. After you can choose between 3 finishes. Clear Seal Tung Oil, Hradwax Oil or Waterbased laquer. Depending on your personal preference and project needs you can choose the best finish each time.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”6. Why choose Clear Seal?”]It’s a unique Tung oil interior wood finish. It will penetrate into the wood fibres and form a film in and on the wood, offering excellent water resistance and superior protection against household products such as wine, ketchup, coffee, mustard. Clear Seal Oil continues to deliver spectacular results that give the user all the attributes of a traditional matt/satin natural oil finish.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”7. How many coats of Clear Seal oil to apply?”]Depending on the project we recommend 2 coats for residential and 3 coats for heavy duty or commercial projects. Always wait 6-8 hours in between coats.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”8. Why choose HardWax oil?”]
Hardwax Oil is choosing for a matt finish (European look). It’s a mix between wax and natural oil. A traditional varnish will form a layer which seals the parquet floor. Hardwax Oil on the contrary will penetrate the wood 50 percent and 50 percent top coat, ensuring good protection of your parquet floor.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”9. How many coats of Hardwax oil to apply?”]We recommend to apply 2 coats of Hardwax Oil for every project. Apply Hardwax with a paintbrush or polishing machine. Wait 6-10 hours in between coats.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”10. Why choose waterbased laquer?”]Laquer or varnish is a common finish by traditional woodworkers. Laquer forms a film on top of the wood and seals the wood pores with a plastic film. We offer a waterbased laquer for the reason it’s
nature friendly, easy to apply and fast drying. Our waterbased laquer comes in 3 sheens matt, satin and gloss. It can be used as a finish coat on top of tung oil, tung oil + color pigments as well as on top of bare/unfinished wood.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”11. How many coats of Waterbased laquer to apply?”] Depending on the project we recommend 2 coats or 3 coats for heavy traffic areas or commercial projects. Our waterbased laquer 4contracter dry’s within 1h30min / 2hours in between coats.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”12. How to maintain my oil-treated parquet?”]
An oil treated wood floor is easy to maintain using “Cleaner”. Depending on the degree of dirt, carry out weekly or monthly maintenance using American Wood Oil Cleaner. Add 2 spoons of Cleaner in a bucket of lukewarm water. Clean the wooden floor using a dampened, thoroughly wrung out mop. Our Cleaner cleans and nourishes the parquet.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”13. How to maintain my Hardwax Oil finished parquet?”] A HardWax Oiled finished wood floor is easy to maintain using “Wax&Clean”. Depending on the degree of dirt, carry out weekly or monthly maintenance using our Wax&Clean. Add
2 spoons of Wax&Clean in a bucket of lukewarm water. Clean the wooden floor using a dampened, thoroughly wrung out mop. Our Cleaner cleans and nourishes the parquet.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”14. How to maintain my varnished parquet floor?”]An oil treated wood floor is easy to maintain using “Cleaner”. Depending on the degree of dirt, carry out weekly or monthly maintenance using American Wood Oil Cleaner. Add 2
spoons of Cleaner in a bucket of lukewarm water. Clean the wooden floor using a dampened, thoroughly wrung out mop. Our Cleaner cleans and nourishes the parquet[/toggle]

[toggle title=”15. Should the wood be sanded before applying finishing product?”]For the best result we recommend sanding the floor first. Opening the wood pores with 100- 120 grit sanding paper, so the tung oil and hardwax oil can penetrate properly.
When using stains or varnish, sand the floor first using 100-120 grit sanding paper.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”16. How to Apply Aging Powder?”]First sand the floor 80 grid-100 grid –maximum 120 grid. Aging powder looks better on a hand scraped, brushed, or deep brushed wood. When using Aging Powder , the wood fibres will be lifted because it’s a water based product. Leave Aging powder to dry (minimum 3 hours), and buff the floor using a scotch brite cleaning pad or a red polishing pad. After buffing, thoroughly remove all dust. You are now able to fixate , stabilize or adapt the color
of ageing powder with our Fix&Tone products.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”17. Why are oil-treated floors sometimes sticky?”]Tung Oil or Hardwax Oil should be able to penetrate the floor, not stay on the surface. Tung oil /hardwax-treated floor can produce a sticky feel when the oil has been applied unevenly,
or when too much oil has been applied. Always remove excessive oil.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”18. Can used rags and pads spontaneously combust?”]Yes.

Always handle your used rags and pads with care and place them into a bucket of water. Oils dry oxidatively, i.e. they dry through a reaction with the oxygen in the air. This produces heat that needs to be expelled. If the heat can’t escape, it builds up and may lead to spontaneous combustion. There are 2 ways to avoid this :

  • 1. Store the used rags and pads in water
  • 2. Store them in a closed recipient.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”19. Is it possible to varnish waxed floors?”]No.
Wax does not offer good adherence to varnish. First remove all wax and sanding the wood, apply a new layer of varnish. It is possible within the American Wood Oil range to you use Transparent gold (tung oil) as a based coat and to choose our waterbased varnish as a finish coat.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”20. Is it possible to oil varnished floors?”]No.

Varnish forms a plastic film on top of the wood, which makes it impossible for the oil or hardwax oil to penetrate. The floor with varnish needs to be removed. To do this, sand the floor and clean it. When all varnish is removed, apply the Tung oil or hardwax oil.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”21. Can Aging Powder 48 be applied on all types of wood?”]Ageing powder is a product for ageing wood that contains tannin. Tannin woods are for example European oaks and American oak.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”22. The floor is not dry after the specified drying time. Why?”]There are 4 common causes why the floor is not dry within maximum 12 hours :

  • 1. incorrect room temperature
  • 2. insufficient air ventilation
  • 3. excessive humidity in the air.
  • 4. over applying the product.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”23. The finished floor differs from the sample colour. Why?”]
Before starting the work, we recommended to apply a sample on the wood that will be used. For the reason that the final colour strongly depends on the preparation of the wood (grit used, brushed or not, etc.), and the application method (mechanical or manual).[/toggle]

[toggle title=”24. What are VOCs?”]A generic term for all volatile or fast evaporating substances e.g.: solvents, natural gas
propellants, etc. Volatile organic compounds as well as other substances in varnish and lacquers are harmful to the ozone and the environment.

VOC = Volatile Organic Compounds
All the American Wood Oil products comply by the strong European VOC 2010 directive.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”25. Is the Cristal Cleaner harmful to the environment?”]No.

Crystal Cleaner is biodegradable and natural cleaning product which doesn’t harm the environment. It will not harm wildlife, fish or plant life.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”26. On which wood types can I use California?”]California can be used on all wood species. It’s a penetrating tung oil with a 99% UV blocker. For more information on California please check the product page.[/toggle]