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We are GREEN!

We are committed to the environment! In today’s eco-conscious society, we are all doing a little bit more to try to make a difference in the world around us. Our way of staying “green” is to continue with our traditional way of producing wood and floor finishes.
We use Tung Oil, harvested from the seed of Chinese & the South American nut of the Tung tree. Carefully gathered, pressed and purified, this has created a natural base for our wood finishes since 1916.

Our use of Tung Oil, which is a completely natural and renewable resource, literally locks out water with a formula that relies on the protective nature of resins and the penetrating sealing advantages that are inherent in natural Tung Oil.
The Legendary American Wood Oil permeates wood surfaces and actually becomes part of the wood itself to resist moisture.

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[progress percentage=”90″]HardWax Oi[/progress]
[progress percentage=”60″]Clear Seal[/progress]
[progress percentage=”90″]Aging Powder[/progress]
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[one_half last=”yes”]The Legendary American Wood Oil is available in different formulas designed to work for the specific needs of any project, large or small.

We are committed to our partners and suppliers, as well as our network of independent distributors and dealers. In doing so, we offer full support to the local professional in building a strong market share.

We, along with our partners, suppliers and customers, are doing more to make a difference. We are proof that quality ingredients and manufacturing methods can also be Earth friendly. This commitment is the most important part of our product mix![/one_half]