[slider][slide link=””]http://www.americanwoodoil.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/agingpowder.jpg[/slide][/slider] [two_third last=”no”]Aging Powder is a high quality aging product to create an antique look for new wood. It’s an exceptional wood powder that has been specifically formulated to create an old , grey reclaimed look for new wood. Apply 150 grams of powder and mix it with water and see how the wood ages in front of your eyes. This product is also 100% nature friendly.

  • Suitable for Oak
  • Instant aging of new wood
  • Antique , reclaimed old barn look
  • Fast drying and curing
  • Different colors, shades are possible
  • Eco-friendly
  • Needs Fix&tone to stabilize the aging process

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Approx. 40 m2 per 600 grams, depending on the type of wood.

Recommended coats:

Mix 150 grams of Aging Powder with 1 liter of water. Apply one thick coat with a paint brush. Let the powder sit. After 3 hours take away the excess powder with a white/red buffing machine. To adapt or stabilize the result apply Fix&Tone.

Application :

The product should be applied at room temperature (minimum 16C) and at normal air humidity (55 to 75 %). Wait minimum 3 hours before applying Fix&Tone.


A driftwood grey appearance. Depending on the origin of the oak; European, Russian, American, Asian the effect will be different. The best result is on deep brushed rustic, distressed wood.[/one_third]