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The oiling line is a standard oiling-line. It contains a roller coater to apply the oil and the second unit is the transportation belt with 2 buffing machines (which will massage in the oil and take way the excess) behind are two brushes to take away any necessary excess oil. The AWO Oiling line can be used to apply any oxidized oil such as Natural Oil , Hardwax Oil & Tung Oil as well as our new technology LED Oils and LED lacquers.

(note:  LED Dryer needs to be added on the oiling line unit to be able to dry and cure the LED Oils and LED Lacquers.  LED Dryer 40cm 5.500euro LED Dryer 60cm 5.900euro)

A complete AWO LED line has all the advantages of a big factory such as; no drying time, no drying space and instant packaging! Saving time and money. The oiling line requires no adaptions to your warehouse because LED oil is solvent free and produces no VOC. The oiling line is safe to use anywhere without special requirements. Plug & Play